Welcome to The Alpha Church Of Pastafarianism Wikia!Edit

This is the official wikia page for The Alpha Church Of Pastafarianism which is our facebook page that I encourage others to visit. On this wikia we will be posting informational pages that will not be directly posted on our page (with the exception of a chosen one per week.) I hope everyone enjoys The Alpha Church Of Pastafarianism, if you do not wish to view the content on this page then we respect your right to hit the exit button.

Our Purpose:Edit

The Alpha Church Of Pastafarianism is dedicated to providing information on Yahewh known to many as The Flying Spaghetti Monster, who is the creator of The Prime Universe. I encourage any viewer to check out our facebook page and to also view the content on this wikia, we will be releasing never before seen Gospels and other information.

Latest activityEdit

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